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Original Sausages

Original Sausages
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Polock Johnny;s Original Polish SausagesPolock Johnny’s polish sausage was introduced in 1921…over 90 years ago…and an instant Baltimore favorite.

Our superb blend of pork and Beef, that’s free of fillers, Polock Johnny’s polish sausage snaps just right, and delivers the mouth-watering taste that Baltimoreans have loved all these years. Complemented with our famous Works sauce that completes the tangy-slightly sweet experience. A taste that takes you back to exciting memories of good ol’ Baltimore…still available today…
accept no impostors, this is da bomb…

The Original Polock Johnny’s Polish Sausage with our works available now on-line and delivered to your home.
Great for tailgating, picnics, cookouts, gifts to outa’ towners….your order is delivered in a reusable styrofoam box w/ ice gel packs.

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Nutrition Guide

1 - 14 ounce; 5 Sausage pack - $5.75
2 - 14 ounce; 5 Sausage packs - $11.00  (28 ounces total)
4 - 14 ounce; 5 Sausage packs -  $20.00  (56 ounces total)



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