The History of Polock Johnny's
Once upon a time...Upon a time...

there lived a poor little kid named Johnny. He was a true blue Baltimorean who had a natural ability to turn a buck…

Baltimore: Lexington & Park Ave. The Original Polock Johnny's Hot Dog & SausagesIn the mid 1900’s, when John was growing up the country was fighting World War I and the economy was lean. He got through the hard time selling shoestrings and gadgets on the corner of Lexington and Park Avenues. John’s nickname was Whitey. Whitey was an incredible opportunist. As time marched on he found his way to the local carnivals. He set up a booth and created unique midway games. His games always looked easy to win and the prizes were better than anyone else’s. This always angered the more seasoned vendors and they would mumble under their breath.Whitey gets a new name and becomes Polock Johnny! Occasionally when it got real busy, Whitey would return a nickel or dime extra change and word quickly spread that he couldn’t count change. When the merchants got word of this they chanted, “That dumb Polock is gonna loose his shirt this weekend.” When the weekend finally arrived and the players flooded his stand, the Polock suddenly learned to count! From that day on he was called “Johnny the Polock” and became well known and respected. He traveled with the show for a while until he began his family. It was time to settle down and set up a home base.
He opened a joint on the notorious “block” calling it “The Penny Arcade.” IBaltimore fun at Polock Johnny's Shooting galleyt featured the now tame hand crank peep show machine, two photo booths, three claw machines with naughty novelties, and the popular pinball machines with all the bells, lights, and buzzers. It wasn’t long before Johnny began to incorporate his carny background into the arcade. He created a shooting gallery with a B.B. rifle that challenged the players to “…step right up and shoot out the star.” Johnny the Polock was content with all the familiar noises, but his arcade was The million dollar smell of Baltimores best Hot Dog and Polish Sausages!missing something that he couldn’t quite put his nose on. Then one magical late afternoon, he plugged in his frying pan to fix himself a hot dog. As the fragrance filled the room, it cast a spell on the pinball wizards. When Johnny looked up , his counter was filled with hungry faces. Alas, he figured what was missing in his arcade…the delicious aroma from carnival food. Needless to say Johnny sold his lunch and brought the rest of the pack in the next day. When he went through that pack in five minutes, he decided to make that his new game….hot dogs & lemonade. He decided to specialize in polish sausage so he could us his nickname. He created our “works sauce” and scored the polish with little cuts. Later those cuts became our logo and in 1921 a new sign was being hung at Polock Johnny’s.
"Polock Johnny is my name; Polish sausage is my game."

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